Giveaway winner!

I’m really surprised that more of you didn’t enter this giveaway.

I mean, Marky from donebydigits is so cute and free!

Oh well, maybe next time…

Lily was really fighting me on this one.

She really couldn’t have cared less who the winner is. She really wanted her teething tablets container.

But, after I showed her the cool 9 folded pieces of paper, she was a little curious.

And the winner is…..

Katherine from mom’s little running buddy.

This works out great because Katherine is expecting her first little one just weeks from now.

Congratulations Katherine!!! (Please contact me with your address so we can send you Marky.)

I would also really like to thank Graziella for donating Marky. He now has a happy new home. 🙂

Happy weekend everyone and Happy October 1st!!