So many shells at the sea shore!

When we got to the beach early saturday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were so many shells all along the shore!

That does not happen often enough around here.

While Will and Lily played in the water and on the sand, I took a walk along this great path of shells.

Picking shells at the beach has been a favorite of mine since being a child growing up in Portugal. It always brings back such wonderful memories.

As I walked along picking out great ocean treasures and as I listened to the sound of the waves rushing in and out of the shells, I was quickly reminded why I love the beach so much.

And then this guy walked by and I was also quickly reminded of where we live and what a funny place it can be. 😉 (yes, it’s for real. i wouldn’t make this stuff up)

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it’s like clockwork orange south beach style