And we are off!!

Today is the day.

Lily and I are all packed.

She has a suit case, I have a suit case and then there is also a carry-on.

Not too bad.

We got our passports. (my American passport arrived on friday and Lily has had hers for a couple of months)

We will be leaving the house around 2:30pm. Our flight is at 5pm.

We will be arriving in Lisboa at 12:00pm on thursday.

The “indie” look won with many votes over the other two other looks so there will be an “indie Lily” meeting the grandparents in Portugal.

I might not be able to come here for a little while but don’t forget to come by and vote for us. 😉

Wish Will was coming with us…

P.S.- Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!! You have until friday.

Lily was a big help with packing. NOT!