No public park? No problem!

Before coming to Portugal, knowing how much Lily loves the park, I would day dream about sharing Beja’s public park with her.

I spent many of my days as a child there and have such wonderful memories from it.

Beja’s public park is not too long of a walk from my parents house.

Lily and I walked there the other day only to be sadly disappointed by its closed gates. 🙁

It is being renovated and has been closed for over a year. (awful!)

Once we returned home, avo Ricardo took us in the car to a great new park right outside of the city.

Even though we can’t walk there (that’s part of the fun), it’s worth the drive.

There was a playground, there were ancient olive trees, there was water, there were bridges and there were ducks!!

Lily loved the ducks! 🙂

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closed gates at the public park

walking with avo Ricardo

chasing the ducks into the water

loving the olive trees