Moura and Amieira

Yesterday was a great family day. (it’s not that often that we are all together)

We all (my dad, my mom, tio Ricky, Lily and I) headed out early (10am) in the morning.

We drove around at first not knowing exactly where to go until we decided to head over to Moura.

Moura is a small town (not even considered a city) about 30-45 minutes north of where my parents live.

Once there, we walked around, we had lunch, we took Lily to their great park. (the best one so far actually)

On the way home, we stopped off in Amieira (also a small town) and checked out their new marina.

It was beautiful there!

An open landscape of water, hills and blue sky.

All and all a really wonderful day.

(Sorry, it’s picture overload again!! 😉 )



Lily had a great time