Parabens Sebastiao!

Cousin Sebastiao turned 9 on friday and had his birthday party yesterday.

Lena (my cousin, his mom) did such a great job with all the drinks, cakes and games she had for the kids.

Lily had a wonderful time playing with cousin Sofia and watching all the older kids run around.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

It was a great saturday.

OH! And speaking of lil miss independent, Lily will most likely be walking soon. She is feeling quite confident these days. She got a lot of solo walking time between tia Tete and me at the party.

Lily and cousin Sofia

look at those hams!

the birthday boy


cute girl style. Francisca, 2 years old

Rita, 5 years old

didn’t get her name, 9 years old

cute boy style. didn’t get his name, 9 years old