Fall fashion. Day 5

It is a windy, grey, cold, rainy day today.

If I were to go out I would wear this:

Jacket/coat by Anthropologie (gift from Will), Dress by Forever 21 (or Forever 31 as I like to call it), Shirt worn underneath by French Connection, Tights by H&M, Boots by Matisse (surprise! I wore different ones today 😉 )

However, because it is a windy, grey, cold, rainy day, Lily is still a bit under the weather and at the end of the day I’m literally a human snotty tissue, I’m actually wearing this:

Headband by CVS, Grey shirt by Zara, Tank underneath by Old Navy, Olive corduroy legging/pants by Anthropologie, Slippers were a gift from my aunt Tete.

And Lily even though she is not 100%, she is looking super cute if I can say so myself. 😉

Lily wears: Knitted tunic, shirt and leggings by a Portuguese label called Kid Kampi, tights by Old Navy and shoes/booties by Pablosky Kids.

And….Will arrives tomorrow!!!! 🙂

We can’t wait.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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