Fall fashion. Day 6

Another grey, cold and rainy day here in Beja, Portugal. (it’s ok really, we have had beautiful weather up until now)

We are going to Lisboa to pick Will up at the airport in a little while and we are super excited!!! (we have never been apart for this long)

My inspiration today is the painter Gustav Klimt. He is one of my favorite artists and when he painted he always wore a long smock.

My tunic isn’t necessarily long 😉 but, it reminds me of the painting smocks I used to wear in pre-school.

What I’m wearing: Knitted hat by Urban Outfitters, Earrings by Anthropologie, Tunic by some random Portuguese label, Shirt underneath by Forever 21 (31 😉 ), Tights by some other random Portuguese label, Bag by Zara, Booties by French Connection (they’re baaaaack!!!)

And guess who is feeling better and looking cute today?

Lily’s wearing: Knitted tunic by Kid Kampi, Pink shirt by babyGap, Black leggings by Old Navy, Pink tights by Old Navy and Shoes/booties by Pablosky Kids

perfect little pocket for her snotty tissue 😉

kind of dorky that we are wearing matching colors but…whatever!

And I can’t help but to also feature my mother today.

As she headed out the door to go run her morning errands, I couldn’t help but to notice how classy she looked.

She is turning 64 (don’t tell her I told you!) on monday, I think she has great style and even though she just recently let her hair go all white, I think she looks great!!

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