Avo Carmo’s birthday

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday.

Tia Tete organized a big lunch at her house with the whole family. (only tio Ricky and Anabela were missing 🙁 )

The lunch started at 12:30pm and when we left it was 9pm. LOL

It was an ALL day event.

Everyone had a wonderful time just spending time together enjoying the present and reminiscing about the old times.

There were also exciting news… prima Ana is pregnant! 🙂 We are all soooooooooo happy for her and Nuno.

P.S- if these ALL day eating events continue, I will need some fat pants because I sure won’t fit in my skinny ones.

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Vitor, avo Carmo and Ana

Nuno with cousin Sofia and Ana

avo Carmo and Lena

Sebastiao, Luis and Kiko

and now for exciting news…

we’re having a baby!

tia Marilia, tia Tete and Lily

tia Tete, tia Fatima and Will

Pedro, Will and Lily

Lily rockin’ out!!

Eugenio and tia Tete