Christmas wish listing

Is it too early to start making a Christmas wish list?

Is it ever too early? 😉

Just in case Santa drops by here, here are some things I’m drooling over:

Let’s start with these. LOVE!

These are just too cute!

These are awesome for serving olives and such.

Even Will would love these.

I love the snowman.

Owls!!! Either one will do.

I have LOVED these forever. They are so delicate and beautiful!

I love vases.

I know, most of those are household decorative items, but I’m thinking house soon so… (I know the house is in Raleigh, NC but, it’s everything we think of when we think of a house)

Now decorations for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉

I think these would look just rockin’ hanging on my ears.

Soooooo comfy!

Everyone needs these. Including me.

Yes please.

So pretty.

YES! YES! YES! PLEASE! Obsessed with these. Seriously!

Have you ever seen anything like these? I want them!

I miss smelling like this. (I actually use the bath oil as perfume oil)

Totally cute and fun.

For when it snows in Miami. lol

And that’s really all I can think of for now…. 😉

Poor Santa!

I’m just wishing…..