We LOAO!!!!!!

It was a cloudy and quiet saturday morning at South Point.

It was still early enough to not be filled with people.

We watched the boats go by.

We walked/ran up and down the grassy hills.

We walked slowly around the grounds listening to the sound of a flute that was being played near by.

And there we were, walking 7′ in front of Lily (picture above) when a helicopter flew up from the left way too low, too fast and too loud for her.

She quickly dropped to the ground, started crawling and scream/crying towards us.

Will and I could not believe our eyes. (I really wish I had everything on camera or better yet, on video. but it happened so fast!)

It was like seeing a Vietnam war movie scene.

What did Will and I do?

We laughed our asses off!!!!!!

It was the funniest thing we had ever seen. (we both still laugh every time we think about it. LOL)

While laughing, we picked Lily up and comforted her.

We told her it was just a helicopter, and that she was ok. (keep in mind, Lily loves looking up at planes and helicopters)

As we comforted her (and laughed still), she kept on looking around with a suspicious face. (picture above)

After a few minutes she was back on the ground and playing as normal. But yet, with a bit of guard up…

no, I did not do her hair like this

oh, my funny little one….

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