Some Target firsts

We went to Target on sunday to pick up a few things we needed and grab some Christmas presents.

Will and I have been talking about getting a baby doll for Lily since she seems to be into dolls these days.

It was a bit scary looking at all the doll options Target has.

Some of them were really hard rubber.

Some make too many noises. (sorry, I’m not having any of that)

Then, on a lower shelf, I spotted mini baby dolls.


I gave Lily a choice of 2 babies. A “cute” brown baby and a “cute” white baby.

She picked the “cute” brown baby and she loves it!!

On the way home she fell asleep holding Cute.

She has also been taking naps with her. 🙂

We picked up some Hello Kitty (damn you Kitty!) sunglasses also because Lily is always trying to wear ours however, she hardly keeps her new shades on her face.

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Lily and Cute, her first baby doll

Lily and Cute napping (sorry for the drool, she’s teething big time!)

Lily and her first pair of sunglasses