My dearest Lily,

You are 13 months today and my do you look so much different from a month ago.

You change daily.

You amaze me.

Just the other day you and I were in the living room.

I was sewing headbands on the couch and you were on the floor looking through the big book that uncle Darren got you.

The balcony door was open.

As you sat in the living room, you looked outside and decided to grab your book and sit out on the balcony but yet still close enough to the inside.

You sat there for a while looking through your book.

All of the sudden, you got up, walked towards your toy basket and grabbed the stuffed deer that Rikki got you. (he is one of your favorites lately)

You took your deer to the balcony and started looking through your book while holding the deer.

You read to him for a bit.

Then, you hugged and kissed him showing him much love! (lately you love giving your dolls and animals love)

You are so sweet!! (when you want to be 😉 )

Happy 13 months my sweet Lily!

I love you,