Drizzly and noisy thursday

It was a cold, gray and drizzly day yesterday.

We stayed home most of the day and it was hard because of the constant noise that went on from 9am until 5pm.

I did laundry, cleaned the house, baked some apples (Lily’s new favorite), played with Lily.

Later in the afternoon, Lily and I did manage to go on a bike ride all the way down to Urban Outfitters with the hope to find some goodies for Christmas presents. (big disappointment)

Tomorrow we have 2 birthdays to celebrate!

It’s Lily’s bff Sofia’s 1st birthday and we cannot wait to celebrate such a big day with her.

It is also my friend Chloe’s birthday and we are going to have a girl potluck/movie night.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

the constant, constant noise…

except for the ball that goes on top, Lily can finally put this together (not in order yet though)

baked red and green apples

any meal is a fun meal with balloons

some cool street art we saw on our bike ride

Lily at Urban Outfitters. she is such a lil book nerd!