Shame, shame, shame!

I asked Will to get my 2 boxes of winter clothes from storage so I could get some of my winter sweaters for West Virginia and to see what else was in there.

I was so happy to see all of my boots (some of which I had forgotten about), my old woolen dresses and my hats!!

I was even happier that my favorite BCBG wool dress and skirt still fit! (it’s a tighter squeeze than before but they fit!)

These 2 BCBG pieces are back from 1998 and they were my faves! (sorry no pics)

I’m so glad I listened to myself and didn’t get rid of them like I get rid of everything else.

And my hats… I used to wear hats all the time up north.

I love hats and boots!

Why do I live in Florida you might be asking?

I ask myself that all the time too…

Here’s a little hat and boot parade for you. 😉 (these aren’t all of my boots either btw. I’m a bit of a bootholic!!)

yes, i really wore this hat. pink with feathers and all!

this was a fave

i guess i like pink hats!??

i always think of London when i see this hat. because it’s meant for rain and it rains a lot there, right?

electric blue

i think i wore these EVERY day for years straight

i love the comfy heel on these

high heeled blue suede. many good times in these. not to be worn with the blue hat. ever!

and guess who got her first pair of boots yesterday? LILY!