West Virginia here we come!

We are leaving for West Virginia tomorrow. 🙂

Yesterday Lily and I did laundry and ran errands all day.

It’s hard to run errands with Lily in the stroller these days.

She wants to get out and walk around.

Which would be fine if she actually walked straight ahead, didn’t stop to touch and pick up everything off the ground and oh yeah…. stop and wave at EVERYONE!!!!

Here she is on Lincoln Rd yesterday.

Miss social. 😉

P.S.- I might take a little hiatus from the blog once in WV. I never get the best internet connection when there.

tasting plants along the way. have you ever?

waving to people



picking up pebbles

putting them in the stroller

putting them back where she found them

and then what did she see?????


oh joy

thinking of a plan for how she can get into the water