A magical white Christmas

Christmas was in one word, MAGICAL!

There was eating, drinking, sledding, singing, dancing, napping, movie watching…

We were all together as a family having the most magical white Christmas.

Everyone got lots of wonderful gifts but, the best gift of all was for all of us to be able to be together.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well! 🙂

Here are some (a lot) of pictures of Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Lily and aunt Sarah on Christmas eve

receiving matching Christmas pajamas that avo Hayes got for everyone

singing and dancing

awesome stockings on Christmas morning

Christmas Lola

Lily’s big toy from avo Joao and avo Hayes

avo Hayes made the doll and got Lily a matching dress 🙂

thanks aunt Desiree!

this basically sums up Christmas 2010

Will with 2 matching dolls