My dearest Lily,

You turned 14 months old on friday.

It’s unbelievable how 2 months make a HUGE difference.

I mean, you are a completely different person from when you turned 12 months!

You are easily walking, trying to talk, you sleep well, you are super curious about how things work, you don’t throw tantrums, you eat just about everything, you just got your 7th tooth (it took long enough!), your hair has gotten so long and curly at times, you love dogs, you still love water, when we go for walks you like to wave at people, you are still serious to people you don’t know…

You are now feeding yourself. (well, we help put the food on the fork but, you do the rest 🙂 )

eating mini eggos


You are obsessed (OBSESSED) with the phone. lol

When we were in WV, every time the house phone would ring, you would put your right hand up to your ear and say “ta”?

in WV with the house phone

You are still a little book nerd and both pai and I love it.

going through ALL your books

You are finally not afraid to crawl through the tube at the park.

at Flamingo park

You are SO much FUN!!!!!

Love you,