From gray to blue

Something triggered within me this week. (took long enough 😉 )

I’m a stay at home mom by choice, not because I need to.

Spending my days with this little person is how I choose to raise Lily.

The hardest part of being a stay at home mom for me up until now is not getting a pay check and not having the financial freedom I have had since I started working at the age of 15.

For the past year I have really struggled with it, often causing huge waves of depression.

Depressed because I couldn’t go out and buy those awesome boots I liked.

Depressed because I couldn’t go out to dinner or drinks with friends like I used to.

Depressed because I am not making money…

Well, this week, it was like gray skies lifted and a beautiful blue sky finally showed itself.

I got it! (finally!)

No pair of boots, earrings, sweaters, drinks, or dinners could ever (ever, ever, ever) compare to the time Lily and I spend together.

I have the opportunity to show Lily EVERYTHING I like!!

Friends, trees, flowers, coloring, painting, art, the beach, the park, foods, whatever.

Lately she is so much fun! She is the best little person I know.

We are building a friendship and a bond that is incomparable to anything else.

So, when I walk down the street and cross that fierce chick wearing the latest clothes, I will just look down at the blue eyed smiling face next to me, smile and feel blessed. 🙂

Happy friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend!! xoxo

clear, blue sky 🙂