Auntie K’s birthday celebration

I have known auntie K since 7th grade. (yeah, that’s a long time!)

After high school we lost touch for a bit only to be reunited back in NJ in 1994-5.

She then moved to Denver and we lost touch again.

Well, we were reunited again here in Miami Beach in 2004.

Since 2006 we have been neighbors because we live in buildings next to each other.

She is one of my dearest friends.

On saturday we had an all day brunch here at the house in her honor.

Perhaps the last time we will celebrate her birthday all together here in Miami as neighbors. 🙁

Lily giving auntie K her birthday card

school of auntie K

bloody marys and champagne didn’t really mix that well. i threw up and had to sleep it off for a while…

Lily, the only adult in the room

auntie K, the happiest birthday girl

i love her!

Adrienne also got to come and hang out. I’ve known her since we were 17!

happy birthday!!!