What are the odds?

True story.

Yesterday afternoon Lily and I went for a walk/ride around our neighborhood.

Out of nowhere, a random woman approached me and asked me if I would like a box of diapers.

Random woman: Hi would you like these? (pointing to a box of diapers inside her bag)

Me: Really?

Random woman: Yes, they were a gift from an event I just did and I don’t have any children.

Me: Ok. What size are they?

Random woman: (pulls out box of pampers and checks) Size 4.

Me: Wow! That’s Lily’s size. lol

Random woman: Here you go.

Me: Thank you!

Random woman: You are welcome (walks away)

The funny thing is that we were down to 2 diapers for Lily and Will was going to have to go all the way over to Target to buy diapers.

They are not the brand we normally use (we use Huggies Pure&Natural) but, free diapers are FREE diapers! 🙂

Thanks random woman!

i don’t know… do i like these?