A mommy and Lily lunch date

After the library yesterday, Lily and I went on a short bike ride along the beach.

It was such a beautiful day out it felt like a shame to go straight home.

As we rode and as it got closer to lunch time, I realized that Lily and I had never been on a lunch date by ourselves.

Sure we have eaten out with Will and friends but never just by ourselves.

So, I decided to treat both her and I to brunch at the Front Porch Cafe.

Afterward, we stopped at the new New World Symphony Frank Gehry campus.

We had a lovely time. 🙂 (and I felt less like a zombie and more like me)

Today we are leaving for Pine Island (on the west coast of Florida) to go visit friends from West Virginia for the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

we shared the french toast and scrambled eggs (not pictured)

it’s always nice to walk underneath a pool

loving playing with the reflection of the pool

another picture mom?

lawn flags are so much fun!

do you see her? she is eating mulch!

somebody looks tired…

yup, very tired.