Library update

Yesterday I took Lily to the toddler program at the library.

The toddler program is for 18 months-3 years old.

The last 2 times Lily and I went to our regular program (newborn-18 months), I found her to be quite bored and not wanting to participate in anything.

It makes sense to me since we have been in that class since she was 4 months old and she is now one of the oldest kids in that room.

Well, I think even though she is 15 months, she is ready for the toddler program.

She was so excited to be amongst the bigger kids and just in awe of everything they were doing.

I think being around older kids will help her a lot in wanting to talk and do things on her own.

She was also pleasantly surprised when Camilla (who we had met the day before at Flamingo Park) showed up. (I had told her dad about the program)

Camilla (3) and Lily

after story and singing time, there is coloring time

i like this class. i’m a big kid now 🙂