Little Miss Sunshine

In early 2008 I was walking down Lincoln Rd and I spotted this “Little Miss Sunshine” t-shirt in the babyGap window.

I quickly walked in the store and purchased it.

I wasn’t pregnant and I don’t even think we were planning on having any babies yet although, Will and I had a pretend daughter named Lily. (please don’t think we are too weird)

Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favorite movies and I just thought that if Will and I ever had either a girl or a boy, I would want to see that t-shirt on them.

And, well…it is now 2011 and that size 2t t-shirt now fits Lily and she proudly and happily wore it yesterday. (she likes the fact that it has a rainbow since she is into rainbows lately)

She may not be your typical smiley sunshine girl but if she ends up a bit like this girl, we are happy. 😉

my little miss sunshine