Mommy Style Update

I’m trying to get back into fashion because I have missed it. (don’t worry, it is still a baby blog and there will still be a lot of Lily pictures)

I’m trying to actually get “dressed” every day like I used to before Lily was born.

I feel like I have become quite lazy about dressing and taking care of myself so, I figured this will at least make me motivated.

It might not be a daily post, or it might , either way, here’s the debut of MOMMY STYLE UPDATE.

Today: The classic white shirt.

Everyone has done it.

Mine is actually a pajama top that was hanging in my closet so I thought “why not?”.

Lily and I went to the library, to lunch and to the post office and this is what we wore:


Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

Necklace- 3 in 1. 2 Me&Ro jewelry charms (I used to work there), 1 a gift from my mom

Tank- LNA

White shirt- Scoop NYC

Belt- Urban Outfitters (vintage)

Bag- Anthropologie

Jeans- AG

Booties- F21










Lily wore:

Dress- Tea Collection

Leggings- Tea Collection

Shoes- Stride Rite


how beautiful is the ceiling at our post office?