Staying true to yourself, your age and fashion while ON a budget

My friend Deanna and I were chatting the other morning and we both agreed that it is so much more challenging dressing ourselves now in our (clear my throat) late (yikes!) 30’s than it ever was before.

Yes, we are more settled and we know ourselves better than before but, when it comes to staying true to who we are as individuals and trying to stay fashionable (ON a budget), it is WAY harder!

After shopping in the same stores (like Urban Outfitters for example) for decades, as much as I love the store still, when I go in there now, I can no longer easily find items like I used to.

Why you might ask!?

My body has changed and so has my lifestyle.

Most of the stores I was used to shop in, have not grown with me.

They are still catering to late teens and twenty somethings and well, I am no longer either one of those.

The short dresses for one, are too short. (I don’t feel like wearing long maxi dresses all the time)

Did I mention that I’m 38 and I have a child?

If I bend over to pick Lily up, I don’t want to pull a Britney. (even though i wear underwear)

So, where does this leave us ladies in our late 30’s still wanting to remain fashionable?

We are no longer Urban Outfitters BUT we are not Talbots either. (of course it would be much easier if we could all afford Stella McCartney, Chloe and Celine)

I have had waves of struggling with this these past years. (ask Will. poor Will)

I’m faithful to Zara (for bottoms, tops, dresses and footwear, I think they do a great job at catering to many ages), Gap (basics), French Connection (dresses, tops and footwear), Free People (sweaters, jackets and footwear), Anthropologie (lounge wear and jewelry) and I can still find some things at Forever 21 (or Forever 31 as I like to call it).

My best advice is: go out and try (and try and try) things on.

Don’t be afraid to try things you haven’t tried before.

If you know you are not so good at shopping, ask a friend to go with you to help.

It is always good to have someone (hopefully with somewhat of a style sense) to give you a new perspective on things and new suggestions.

Also, don’t be afraid to shop online or to buy something you are not so sure about.

Take it (or receive it) home and try it on with other things in your wardrobe in the comfort of your own home (mirrors and lights).

Just make sure the retailer you are buying from has a full refund policy.

Have fun with fashion, whatever you do, stay true to who YOU are! (otherwise you won’t wear it, and then what’s the point?)

P.S.- I know that age is how you feel in your heart and blah, blah, blah but really, who wants to see a 70 year old woman in a mini skirt even if she still feels 18 in her heart?

Have a great (and fashionable  πŸ˜‰ ) weekend everyone!!

me in my bathroom trying things on πŸ˜‰

Dress by F21

Cardigan by Zara