My dearest Lily,

You turned 16 months old yesterday. (I want to scream!)

We just returned from Raleigh, NC and I’m not just going to say this because you are my baby but, you are such a pleasure to travel with.

Our flight was delayed almost 2 hours leaving from Miami and you just happily hung out at the airport waving at people, rolling around on the floor, eating your raisins.

You slept almost the whole flight both ways.

Once in Raleigh, you easily adjusted to the family and house that awaited us.

You slept through the night and napped as usual.

You stayed with uncle Neil, Myra and Duddie at their house while pai and I went driving around and you didn’t even cry.

It is so wonderful to know that we can basically travel and go with you anywhere.

Thank you ratinha for being such a wonderful little girl.

I love you,

your mama

P.S.- Here are some pictures of you with Phillip, your new canine friend. 🙂 (because YES, you still LOVE dogs)


happy 16 months ratinha!!