Hair tales

LOL, I was looking for a picture of me when I was little yesterday and instead I got all caught up in ALL the different hair styles I have had since I was 3?

Short, long, short, long…

Dyed, natural…

Make up your mind Claudia!

Looks to me that short and long are fine but somewhere in between? Not so much. (hello art student in 1994!).

I guess I have always had hair issues, even before they became issues. 😉

1975? (3 yrs old)


1977 (5 yrs old)

1985? (13 yrs old)

1991 (18 yrs old)

1993 (20 yrs old)

1994? (21 yrs old)

1996 (23 yrs old)

1997 (24 yrs old)

2004 (31 yrs old)