My dearest Lily,

In Miami we are, and in Miami we will stay.

After many months (longer than 24 to be exact) of thinking and wanting to move out of Miami, your pai and I have made the decision to stay.

Even though we have fought it real hard, both pai and I have realized that we are Miamians after all.

This is where we have been for the last 10 years and for both of us, it’s the longest we have ever lived somewhere.

You will not be closer to family but, you won’t be farther away either.

You will however continue to be close to the family we have created for ourselves.

Sure Miami is hot as hell half the year. (trust me, you WILL here me complaining)

Sure it’s flat and there are no seasons.

But, you know what?

No place is perfect.

Raleigh, NC could definitely provide us with some things that Miami can’t, but the same goes for Miami with Raleigh.

We are here, this is our home and we are ready to make the best out of it.

We have made the commitment to raise you as a true born and raised Miamian.

And that you are Lily.

You LOVE the water and the beach and how could we ever take you away from both?

I hope you grow happy here.

I hope that here in Miami, we can provide you with a good education, culture and everything else you will need.

I hope this is the right decision, our hearts are telling us that it is.

I love you,

your mama.


we rock heart Miami!