Dear uncle Darren and auntie K,

I’m so happy that pai and mama have decided to stay here in Miami.

Even though I act like a little punk around the both of you sometimes because I get jealous of the attention you get, if we had moved, I would have missed the both of you terribly!

You were there the night I was born and got to see me moments after and I’m so happy that you will get a chance to watch me grow.

There are so many things I look forward to us doing together.

Key West trips, more picnics at the beach during full moons, birthdays, Easter egg hunts, Halloween, vacation days, trips to the Fairchild Botanical Garden, the zoo….

I can’t wait!

I love you both (maybe even a little more than I love Elmo),


november 07 2009. both of you with avo Carmo moments after I was born


march 2011. the three of us with the full moon