Flamingo park pool

Despite the rainy morning yesterday, Lily and I went to the Flamingo park pool where we met up with our friends Patty and Niko.

It was our first time there and Lily LOVED it!

I can’t blame her, it’s pretty much the best kiddie pool I have seen.

I have a feeling we will be spending a LOT of time there this summer. (it’s free for MB residents and $10 for non-residents)

For all of you Miami Beach mommies, the new swimming classes for babies up until 2 years old start on April 9th.

There are 5 classes and they are every saturday and sunday from 9-9:30am.

Classes cost $30.00 for Miami Beach residents and $40.00 for non-residents.

Happy saturday!


Niko, not a big fan of the pool yet but a big fan of the pretzels 🙂