My dearest Lily,

You are 17 months old today and what can I say other than every single day, your pai and I can’t believe how wonderful you are and how proud and blessed we are to be your parents.

You can now say the word “shoe” in English, the word “abua” for water in Portuguese, you say “mama” and “pai”, and you say “bye”.

You make animal sounds for lion, dog, cat, mouse, elephant and crocodile.

You are obsessed with water (obsessed!) and Elmo.

You eat just about anything except for avocados, mangoes and tomatoes.

You still love books more than any other toy and that is how you spend most of your alone time.

You sleep all through the night and take 1 nap during the day.

What else can I say other than we love you more than we ever could have imagined?

Happy 17 months ratinha!

I love you,

your mama.