Oh these beautiful little faces…

These little faces that surround Lily and I on a daily basis are some of the most beautiful faces I have seen.

Seriously, all these kids are so happy and they all play so well together.

They have been part of each others lives for practically 1 year now.

They have all grown so much…

We are truly blessed to live in such a place where the playground is the most heavenly spot.

I captured a few of these beautiful faces the other day.

Happy friday everyone, hope your weekend is filled with happy faces. 🙂


i know you are thinking “happy? he’s crying”, those are not tears, he had been playing with water


Mathias. how great are his brows?


and you all know this face (Lily)

seriously, i can’t!!

aw, me and my girls

Claudia thinks we are pretty blessed too 😉