Fun Fair

After working ALL day inside changing everything around in our apartment so Lily can have her own room (and a lot more to do today), we finally stepped out at night.

It was Art Walk in the Design District and in Wynwood.

We had a great time in the Design District with our friends at the Fun Fair and a bit more challenging time in Wynwood.

It is so hard to maneuver a stroller in big crowds of people.

As much as we love to have Lily with us so she can see art and experience different things, we both agreed that next time we need a baby sitter. (Lily was a sport though, she hung in there until 10pm)

Here are some fun pics, hope you are all having a great weekend!

at the Fun Fair

a hair(y) tower


inside Swamp Space wearing something not worth mentioning

a sweet serenade from the talented Jesse Jackson

miss Lucia Del Sanchez

the fixed and the mobile by Cesar Santos

out of the square by Cesar Santos

my favorite of the night. Picasso’s Blue Period by Cesar Santos. clever!!!!!!