Mamas & their babies

You have heard a lot about her on here, you may have seen a few pictures, you may have even met her personally (if you are lucky), I’m talking about Claudia.

Claudia aka Sofia’s mama and second mama to Lily.

I first met Claudia (and Sofia) at our park around this time last year.

We were both there with then baby Lily and baby Sofia and, we both had the faces of “I need a mommy friend desperately).

I started conversation with her, we hit it off and we have been inseparable since then.

Claudia is one of the biggest hearted, most easy going, funny people I know. (with the BEST smile also)

I am blessed to have such a good mama friend to take this mommy journey with me.

Q- How old are you Claudia?

A- 32

Q- Where were you born?

A- In Medellin, Colombia

Q- How long have you lived in Miami?

A- 9 years.

Q- How old were you when you had Sofia?

A- 30

Q- How old is Sofia?

A- 16 months

Q- Did you breast feed and if so, for how long?

A- Yes. For 5 months. 1 breast didn’t work.

Q- Are you a stay at home mom or a working mom?

A- A stay at home mom.

Q- What was the hardest part for you of becoming a mom?

A- Not sleeping through the night and being tired all day as a result.

Q- How did you come up with the name Sofia?

A- George and I really liked the names Sofia and Isabella. When Sofia was born, she became Sofia Isabella.

Q- What is the best advice you would give to a new mom?

A- Try to enjoy every single second of every moment because they grow so fast. And also, stick with schedules because kids learn faster and it also makes it easier on everyone.

thank you Claudia and Sofia!

Location: the park across the street from the Miami Beach Library

Date: April 07 2011