My dearest Lily,

Saturday night was the first time that you slept in your own room.

It was a tough day for you.

When the day started and you began to see all the changes happening, you were not happy.

One by one, you tried to put together your play tiles back to the spot where they once were.

You acted out of place and nervous all day while pai and I moved furniture around from room to room.

When it came to nap time, you clung to pai as you cried.

It made me question if we were doing the right thing.

Well, giving you your own room has been something I have personally wanted to give you since before you were even born.

Living in a 1 bedroom apartment, I felt robbed of the whole “nesting” period part of pregnancy.

I think it’s important for a child to have their own room.

A place of their own where they can play and dream.

I have great memories as a child playing in my room, I hope you grow to have the same.

Having slept only a couple of feet away from you all this time made this transition hard on me as well.

When it was time for me to sleep, I missed you terribly.

This new independence we are giving you is just the beginning of learning to let go.

And letting go is something that I will have to learn… slowly.

I love you ratinha,

your mama

your first room

thrifted painting, charm gifted by uncle Darren

painting on the left made and gifted by auntie K, wooden dolls gifted by uncle Darren, Lily birth plate gifted by Holly

enjoying your new room 🙂