LILY! hello? ear check…

Ugh, Lily has been pretending NOT to hear lately.

I find myself calling her five times before she even turns around and the only reason she finally does is because I either:

1- scream out her name or

2- go over to her, lower myself so she can see me eye to eye

Is anybody else’s toddler doing this?

She is just not listening lately.

I have even thought about taking her to the pediatrician to have her ears checked.

Yesterday, we were having a great time painting in her room until she decided that she wanted to take the painting containers and paint elsewhere.

I told her that both had to stay in the easel.

She refused to listen to me, was being so stubborn (I shouldn’t be surprised since I was the MOST stubborn child in the world as my mom tells me), started screaming and crying.

I finally just sat her in the chair and put her on “time-out”.

She sat there for a while and was finally calm enough to reason with.

Is this what they call the terrible 2’s?

Advice always appreciated.

Here are some painting pictures before the tantrum started.