Saturday fun for everyone

We had such a great and long day filled with fun for everyone yesterday.

We left the house at 10am and headed to the main Miami library downtown for their 11th Annual International Story Reading Festival.

Lily got her face painted for the first time (stars of course), we heard some folk singing, saw some Peruvian dancing and saw a puppet show.

After all that fun we were all hungry so we decided to head over to the food truck festival that was going on.

Lily, Will, uncle Darren, tia Sarah and I all got some yummy food that went down fast and some waters that went down even faster. (it was HOT out!)

With our bellies full, the plan was to come home and maybe put Lily down for a nap however, we decided to go to Bayside Village and be tourists.

It was my first time there, we all got some pina coladas and beer and soaked up the cruise tourists energy.

As if that wasn’t enough, on the way to the car, we let Lily have some play time at the park.

It was a full day.

Hope your saturday was great as well!


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peruvian dancing

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puppet show

food truck festival

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