Movie night

For being as much of a movie buff as I am, I must admit that when it comes to watching movies at home, I never, ever watch old movies.

I like old movies but, I don’t know, I just never like watching them at home.

Last night we packed up a bunch of goodies in a bag and headed over to the New World Symphony park for their outdoor showing of North by Northwest starring Cary Grant.

It was wonderful!

Both the movie and the experience!

I have never watched a movie anywhere other than in a movie theater or inside a house.

The new New World Symphony is one of the best things that has happened to Miami Beach.

Every wednesday at 8pm they show a movie and anyone can go and enjoy their beautiful grounds and a great flick.

It was a lovely and breezy evening, Lily had a great time, we will for sure do this again. 🙂


the big wall/screen

1 projector wasn’t working but nobody seemed to mind

Lily fell asleep and got to sleep in the fresh air for a while