Mother’s day

Oh, where can I start?

I had such a great mother’s day yesterday.

We started with a brunch at home at 11am which consisted of bloody maries, pancakes, sausage, bagels and fritatta.

We all hung out on the balcony while Lily took her afternoon nap (2 hours) and then headed over to Jimbo’s.

Yup, I chose to go to Jimbo’s for mother’s day.

I don’t need a fancy place, I would much rather hang out somewhere where 4 beers and a big chunk of smoked tuna costs $16.00.

I had not been to Jimbo’s since the late 90’s and well, nothing much has changed other than the fact that there were a couple more trailers, house boats and people hanging out.

We drank beer, ate smoked fish, played bocci ball and took turns taking pictures.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Hope all you mamas had a great mother’s day also.

yum! cooked by Will

at Jimbo’s


making a video. Rihanna wanna be