A clutch story

After I did the post “A DASHing evening”, Ellen commented on how she wanted to see more of my clutch.

I have been trying so hard to remember where I got this clutch.

If I tell you that I have had it forever and that saturday night was the first time I wore it, you probably won’t believe me but, it’s the truth. (I think I have had it longer than 10 years)

I either got it at the Lincoln Rd market or at a vintage store but EVERY time I went to wear it, I always felt like it was too big.

On saturday, once I put on my purple jumpsuit (that I hadn’t worn since I was pregnant with Lily in 2009), I knew that I wanted to wear red shoes.

I love the combination of purple and red together.

I decided to wear the red platform sandals I had not worn since I met Will in 2007.

So, the outfit was almost complete except for the bag.

I wasn’t sure what bag to wear, I didn’t want to wear the gray satchel I usually wear or the pewter clutch I tend to go to at last moment.

I reached deep into my accessory drawer and brought out the red clutch.

It was its time to shine. 😉