Graffiti style

It is days like yesterday that make Will and I look at each other and say “I am so glad we decided to stay in  Miami”.

We spent the morning at the beach and in the afternoon we went for a ride in the car to check out all the graffiti in Wynwood. (I have been wanting to go back and take pictures for a while)

We walked around, checked out some awesome graffiti, took pictures and found the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar where we decided to sit outside and have some dinner.

Let me stop for a second and tell you about the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, I have never eaten at a place with SO much AMAZING art all around.

AMAZING! (and the food was pretty good too)

So, where else could we live where we could have the beach and awesome urban city life also?

Miami, we are so happy we stayed. 🙂

This post is picture heavy because not only was there amazing art everywhere but, I also want to show you “my” Miami.

Not the Miami The Real Housewives of Miami show you. 😉


earrings- vintage

top- F21

bag- Anthropologie

pants- Zara

belt- Gap

sandals- Zara

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

os gemeos, sao paolo brazil

aiko, tokyo

ron english, decatur il

ben jones, providence ri

nunca, sao paolo brazil

stelios faitakis, athens greece

jim drain- ara peterson, providence, ri- miami, fl

clare rojas, san francisco ca

ryan mcginness, virginia beach va

kenny scharf, new york ny

futura, new york

shepard fairey, los angeles ca