A week in small style

Do you ever feel like dressing your little one rather than yourself?

I think this past week was like that for me.

I have been feeling tired and like I look horrible.

AND… kids clothes for the most part are often so much less expensive than adult clothes that it’s just easier to get Lily dressed than myself.

Here is a week of Lily’s small style.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

And as always I’m linking this to Mama loves Papa.

last thursday at the library:

tank- babyGap

jumper- babyGap

sandals- Salt Water


t-shirt- babyGap

shorts- Tea Collection

sandals- Salt Water


dress (one of my faves, it’s actually a 3T top)- crazy8

sandals- Soft Star Shoes


dress- babyGap

monday (how old is she!?):

tank- babyGap

denim shorts- babyGap

sandals- Salt Water

tuesday (another fave):

top- babyGap

culottes- babyGap

sandals- Soft Star Shoes


hairclip- c/o Citlalli @ Color land

sunglasses- Target

t-shirt- babyGap

shorts- Target

sandals- Soft Star Shoes