Brush strokes

Lily is getting so much better at painting than when she first started.

I can really see a difference in the way she uses the brushes.

She also will say what she is painting.

Like if she is using blue or green, she will point to the paper and say “abua” (water in Portuguese).

Or if she uses red, she will say “Elmo”.

Painting sessions don’t usually last that long.

In fact, the setting and cleaning up take longer than the painting time itself but, I feel that it’s important for her to have an artistic creative outlet.

What kind of art/creative activities do you do with your little ones?


And speaking of painting, have you guys heard of Aelita Andre?

I hadn’t either but, auntie K sent me a stumble about her.

Talk about a little color prodigy.


Hope you enjoy the video and have a great weekend everyone!