Happy B.irthday B.toys!!

B.toys is celebrating their 1st birthday today.

I cannot believe they have only been around for a year because really, they are genius and have so many wonderful and creative toys for kids.

To help celebrate their 1st year, B.toys is giving away an exclusive B. onesie to the first 10,000 people who will LIKE them on Facebook.

It’s a no brainer really.

Just go LIKE them (because you should anyway) and then they will send you the cutest onesie.

Look how cute it looks on Lily.

Lily in her cute exclusive B. onesie

Lily with her Toulouse-Lap Trec

once upon a time:

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2 thoughts on “Happy B.irthday B.toys!!

  1. Wow-eeee! Lookeeee here how much she’s grown! Lily is adorable, and we hope she’ll grow up exactly who she was meant to B. :-)

    Thanks for celebrating with us, Claudia!

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