A kitchen

Do you guys remember THIS kitchen?

Well, it is now in Lily’s bedroom.

That’s right, Lily is a lucky girl.

Aunt Min and Lulu let Lily have the kitchen fully equipped for as long as she would like. (Lulu would like it back one day for her own kiddos. 🙂 )

Lily loves it.

She has been having the greatest time making tea, food, and giving it to Elmo, BB and the rest of her dolls.

Will and I also love it and are super thankful because we were looking on Ebay and other places and not only did we not find anything as cute but, they are also ridiculously expensive! (like as high as $500.00!?)

So, thank you aunt Min and Lulu!

it just happens to be yellow, to match her book shelf

busy, busy in the morning making Elmo breakfast