2 in 1

Since we have decided to stay in Miami, we are still living in our 1 bedroom 850sq apartment.

We are slowly looking at houses to either rent or buy but until then, it was time for Lily to have her own room.

The answer?

We moved our bed into the living room.

You would think it wouldn’t work but it actually does.

Since I bought this apartment in 2006, it has been changed around so many times.

From me living here as a single girl, to Will moving in, to Lily being born and now to Lily having her own room.

It’s not easy turning a 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom but I think we did ok.

What do you think?

living room. before

living room turned into bedroom. after

I would like a bigger screen as a divider but it’s temporary

Will’s office once a dining room. before

now a living room. after

bedroom. before

Lily’s bedroom. after