19 months

Lily is 19 months young today.

Lately the comments people have been saying about her are:

“She’s so mature for her age.” or “She looks a lot older than she is.”

Thank you?

I feel like Lily has always had that about her but, I do notice it more lately.

She always looks like she is thinking.

Her vocabulary has grown so much in 1 month!

She learns about 1 word a day, both in English and in Portuguese.

She knows about half the alphabet and knows the difference between letters and numbers.

She knows: A, B, C, D, E, F, H, K, L, M, O, P, S, T and Z.

She knows the number 2 and knows what 2 stands for.

She can easily put shapes in their designated slots and she knows the difference between a square, a circle and a triangle.

She is a little (BIG) sponge who is constantly eager to learn.

Constantly pointing to colors, letters, numbers, shapes and have me tell her what they are (over and over again).

Her fascination with stars continues. (there are star stickers all over our apartment)

She doesn’t really nap during the day anymore (sometimes on the weekends she does) however, she does enjoy her quiet time in her crib with her Elmo, dollies and books.

Lily also continues on being a wonderful night sleeper, sleeping from 8pm until 7am.

Sure she has her moments (that’s what I like to call tantrums) but don’t we all?

Here she is at 19 months at the park in pigtails with her other half, Elmo.