One funny hour

Do you ever have those moments with your child when you look at them and you can’t believe he/she is yours because he/she is being better than you could have ever imagined?

I had a full hour of that with Lily yesterday while she played in her tub on the balcony.

Not that being with her is not always like that but, I don’t know… yesterday her personality was in FULL force!

Now if only people believed me when I tell them that she is a total goofball at home instead of the serious person she portrays to be when out.

Check her out. (Warning: there are a lot of pictures)

tea, she says

she slurps loudly

“abua”, she says as she listens like the cup is a seashell

bears, she says with a heavy Jersey accent (i don’t know how…)

poop, she says pointing to the fish tail

poop, she says pointing to where poop comes from (thankfully no poop)

funny wrinkled toes

eyes, she says making like she has glasses