Salt Water style

One thing I have learned about living here in Miami is that when it comes to shoes, Lily really doesn’t need more than 2 pairs at a time.

I overbought shoes in the first year (because I’m a bit of a shoe freak) but, I learned my lesson.

As many wonderful kids shoes as there are out there, there is no need to spend money where money shouldn’t be spent.

So, this Spring/Summer season, Lily has 2 pairs of sandals.

If you have been coming here for Small Style, you know that they are the green Salt Waters (the green was on sale for a great price and it just so happens to go with EVERYTHING!) and the brown and fuschia Soft Star Shoes.

And you know what?

When those get small, I will just get her the same brands in a different color or style because they are wonderful!

Lily rocked her green Salt Waters all week long! 🙂

Morgan at Mama loves Papa is the hostess to Small Style, go on over and link up!

last thrusday on the way to the library (can we talk about that face!? lol)

shirt- babyGap

skirt- Kohl’s

sandals- Salt Water

hairclip- Color Land

friday at the park

dress- H&M (gifted by auntie K)

sandals- Salt Water

monday at the park

dress- babyGap

sandals- Salt Water

tuesday at the park

dress- babyGap

sandals- Salt Water

wednesday at the library

top- Circo (gifted by avo Hayes and it’s actually a dress that Lily has been wearing since 6 months old)

shorts- babyGap

sandals- Salt Water